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IntellectMark.com Solution Directly Connects
Brand and Consumer

IntellectMark.com Active Loyalty Management
Helps to Increase Sales

Generating more sales:

  • Increase loyalty and repeat purchases 
  • Advanced Marketing toolkit for Direct marketing promos with consumers 
  • Drive sales of specific products
  • Drive sales in the specific territory
  • Track and trace sales geographically
  • Recruit new customers through referrals
  • Identify potential counterfeit

IntellectMark.com Active Loyalty Management Platform Brings Comprehensive Analytics

  • Consumer profiling
  • Geographical distribution
  • Counterfeit identification
  • Marketing programs monitoring and efficiency evaluation
  • Initiated reviews favorability

IntellectMark.com Active Loyalty Management Platform - Powerful Artery for Business


Today everybody uses mobile phones to do fast transactions in a convenient way. By using IntellectMark system and codes you could simultaneously inform customers about your products and connect them to the loyalty program with individual benefits. You need only smartphone  and no other additional equipment

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