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Every manufacturer today needs convenient services to create and maintain direct relationships with customers.

Running promotions and communicate with consumers through retailers is expensive

In our days marketing needs services that, on the one hand, give easy and convenient access to the consumer and on the other hand, allow you to launch and change on a go differentiated marketing campaigns to drive more sales.

IntellectMark.com System and QR Codes

  • You can organize different marketing promos using the IntellectMark.com system and pre-issued QR codes that you can place on your packaging, leaflets, products, flyers, cards and stickers.
  • You can involve customers in games and make special offers
  • The IntellectMark.com system allows direct and personalized communication with your customers after they have scanned the code and downloaded the App
  • You can change your promos and programs and communications at any time – everything goes online 24/7. 
  • You could profile your customers and analyze their behavior
  • You can manage analytics about your marketing programs and your customers online in real time

IntellectMark.com System and App Makes Loyalty Communication Easier than Ever

  • Safe and secure
  • Manage your  programs on the go 24/7
  • Make your loyalty program and marketing actions available for your customers

IntellectMark.com System

Helps Your Business to Grow

IntellectMark.com System and QR Codes for Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs incentivize your customers to buy again with rewards such as discounts, points and special offers. Loyalty programs also help you to profile your customers, to create customized offers and to build personal relationships with them.

IntellectMark.com loyalty system and QR codes – these are new opportunities for your individual interaction with your customers.

IntellectMark.com QR codes contain two parts – public and hidden, therefore you can not only inform consumers about your products, but also use a second, hidden part of the code,  to carry out various promotions that could be interesting for your customers – prize draws, limited offers, different games and activities, hold special events, and measure the satisfaction of your customers.

Every individual IntellectMark.com system and IntellectMark’s QR codes on your packaging, brochure, coupon, receipts and so on will give you an opportunity not only to inform your customers about your product, but also, due to two parts in every code, to simultaneously involve them in your various marketing programs –  instant prize draws, scavenger hunt actions, participation in special offers and other marketing promotions. Furthermore you could run activities that will help you to attract new customers, for example “Invite your friends” promotions.

We will do everything possible to give the maximum benefits for your business.

IntellectMark.com for Marketing

IntellectMark.com System and QR Codes for Packaging

Packaging helps not only with positioning and differentiation, not only distinguishes the product from competition, but can also serve as a powerful channel of communication with consumers.

Today, QR codes on packaging are used  to communicate relevant product details and help  consumers  to learn more about the product’s benefits, origin and potential usage scenarios 

Using IntellectMark.com unique QR codes on each product package, you can also pursue a path of active loyalty management and communication  with consumers.

Since packaging space is always limited, using one QR code to inform consumers about product and to establish communication and  marketing program participation – two different uses with one code – today is the most modern and fastest way to build relationship with your customers and involve consumers in your marketing and loyalty programs.


IntellectMark.com System and QR Codes for Brands

Using Secret IntellectMark.com Codes Will Give You Unique Opportunities for Your Direct Interaction with Consumers:

  • Brand could successfully bypass retailer
  • Loyalty program brings material benefits
  •  Track and Trace helps better targeting and fight fake

You Can Inset in Public Part

  • Information about your company
  • Product details
  • Invitation to register and load App

You Can Inset in Hidden Part

  • Information only for registered customer
  • Unique serial number for participation in marketing promotions
  • Warranty number

By Using IntellectMark.com System and QR Codes You Can:

  • Personalize your relationship with your customers, make their purchases more frequent.
  • Create new and attractive marketing promotions for consumers
  • Inform about new and special offers
  • Conduct contests
  • Increase Sales

  • Run promotions that will help you attract new customers, for example “Invite your friends”

IntellectMark system and QR codes are providing Brands with an unique opportunity not only to bring through QR code a relevant product information, but also to enable active loyalty management — with bonus accruals, cashbacks, prize draws, reference management and others.

With our IM platform you could plan personalized communication with your customers and furthermore adjust it towards specific requirements

In Addition to the Efficiency of the System, You Have Additional Benefits

  • Savings. You do not need further equipment, the system works on all modern phone models.
  • Data. The data of all scans are saved in your personal account.
  • Targeting. You will get exact location of each scanning
  • Fast Generation. You can generate a large number of codes quickly.


Today everybody uses mobile phones to do fast transactions in a convenient way. By using IntellectMark system and codes you could simultaneously inform customers about your products and connect them to the loyalty program with individual benefits. You need only smartphone  and no other additional equipment

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