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Active Loyalty management

+ IntellectMark.com Solution Directly Connects
Brand and Consumer

+ Our Solution Would Help:

+ IntellectMark.com Solution Has Credible Technology Behind

+ Our Solution is Easy to Implement

+ Track and Trace Will Improve Targeting and Fight Fake

IntellectMark.com Code, System and Platform Will Give You Unique Opportunities for Your Direct Interaction with Consumers:

Marketing programs will deliver immediate benefits for consumers and boost sales

Brands could successfully bypass retailer

Track and Trace will improve targeting and fight fake

IntellectMark.com Brings You a Solution for Active Loyalty Management

The primary objective of every loyalty program is to retain existing customers. Loyalty programs allow customers and manufacturers to understand each other better. Customers need to feel that they are valued and important.

Loyalty programs incentivize customers to make repeat purchases with rewards such as discounts, points, and special offers. Loyalty programs also help to create customized offers and build personal relationships with customers.

With our solution we are going one step further – Intellectmark offers you an active loyalty management. With our solution you could:

  • Understand, profile and communicate with your customers, even if they buy your product through a retailer
  • Actively push sales through marketing programs directly to consumers, who continue to buy through their preferred retailer channels
  • Push sales for specific products or in a specific geographical area
  • Attract and recruit new customers
  • Identify counterfeit products

Therefore IntellectMark.com QR codes, system and platform bring you new opportunities for your individual interaction with your customers.

Using IntellectMark.com QR codes, system and platform you can conduct not only information campaigns for consumers, but also carry out various marketing promotions which will help to generate more sales – prize draws and limited offers, involve your consumers in different games and activities, hold special events and measure evolving satisfaction of your customers.

You will be able to create your promotions and modify your loyalty program online and on a go, constantly evaluate their effectiveness and directly communicate with your customers.

IntellectMark.com Active Loyalty Management Platform Brings Comprehensive Analytics

  • Consumer profiling
  • Geographical distribution
  • Counterfeit identification
  • Marketing programs monitoring
  • Efficiency evaluation
  • Initiated reviews favorability

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Technology Behind - IntellectMark QR Code

ANY APP, Same Info

SPECIAL APP, Unique Info

Ideal for Product and Company Info

Ideal for Loyalty and Marketing Programms

2 QR in 1

  • Serialization of every product unit
  • Track and Trace for better  targeting and against counterfeit

With an Individual IntellectMark QR Codes, Scanned by a Phone Camera or any Public QR Reader You Could:

  • Enable consumers  with information your about product and your company
  •  Invite consumers to register and download a special app to receive their individual benefits 

With the Same Intellectmark QR Code, Scanned after by a Dedicated App, You Could

  • Communicate with customers directly
  • Enable customers, who scanned and purchased your product, with an opportunity to participate in different marketing programs 
  • Make targeted special offers
  • Receive feedback

Additional Benefits


>>> No extra equipment, the system works on smartphones


>>> The data of all scans are saved in your personal account


>>> You will get location of each scanning

Fast Generation

>>> You can generate millions of QR codes quickly

Full transparency

>>> From production to consumer. You see the data being linked to the product through the code.

IntellectMark.com Active Loyalty Management

+Technologies that Can be Used with Packaging

+Personal Dashboard

Manage your marketing actions, communicate with consumers, manage your IntellectMark.com QR Codes in your personal dashboard space.

+Statistics and Analytics

Track how many scans your QR Code gets, geographical location, time of each scan and other necessary information to get to know your audience

+Unique Digital Identity

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